The terms porcelain veneers and dental porcelain coverings are also used to describe dental veneers. They are made of materials with a tooth-coloured tint and are thin, specially made shells. They are used to conceal the front of teeth in order to improve the appearance of your teeth and help you smile whitely. Your teeth’s colour, shape, size, and length can be changed by attaching these shells to the front of them.

Furthermore, there are two kinds of veneers that can be used to correct teeth irregularities, and your dentist will make a recommendation based on your concern and suitability. Below is a list of these:

  • Porcelain Veneers: Due to their resistance to stains from coffee, tea, and smoking, these dental veneers are frequently used. Additionally, porcelain closes gaps between teeth, straightens out crooked or uneven teeth, prevents teeth from staining, and restores cracked, broken, and crooked teeth.
  • Composite veneers: Although not as effective as porcelain veneers, composite veneers are nonetheless less expensive. If you don’t want expensive cosmetic dentistry procedures, composite dental veneers are excellent for you.

Reasons for Having Veneers:

In general, different people have encountered various dental concerns. The following list of causes is more detailed:

  • Teeth are discoloured due to resin fillings that have stained them, root canal therapy, antibiotic prescription stains, unneeded fluoride, or other factors.
  • Teeth that point downward or are sized or positioned abnormally.
  • Teeth that have been fractured or chipped by trauma or for any other reason.
  • Teeth that are uneven, crooked, or have an unpredictable shape (for instance, have pits or lumps in them)
  • Teeth with chafing spaces (to close the space between these teeth)
  • To alter the appearance of the grin or for cosmetic reasons.


  • The appearance of teeth will be improved.
  • Better than before teeth appearance.
  • Makes your smile more uniform and white.
  • A person gets their broken teeth fixed.
  • It will make the discoloration problem better.
  • Close up tooth gaps.
  • Make your smile more attractive and confident.

Who are Suitable Candidates?

Before getting any therapy, you must meet the eligibility requirements, according to our facility. As a result, there are no special requirements for this dental procedure, but you must have healthy teeth and gums in order to receive dental veneers.

Additionally, dental veneers are typically not the best option for patients who grind their teeth since they could crack. However, if you still want to receive dental veneers to change the appearance of your teeth, the dentist might advise wearing a plastic dental cover while you sleep.


A dentist will carry out the dental veneers process in accordance with the type of veneers. Additionally, it is carried out using particular materials like acrylic, ceramic, da vinic, and luminiers. As a result, the following treatments for both types of veneers are mentioned:

Ceramic veneers

  • A small amount of enamel will be removed from the front and sides of your teeth in order to prepare them for the porcelain veneers procedure.
  • The dental expert will then use the mould of your teeth to create an impression of your ideal teeth.
  • The porcelain veneers are then custom-made to fit your teeth by a dental facility using an impression of your teeth as a starting point. It might take a few days. However, the dental expert will provide you with temporary veneers to wear over your teeth in the interim.
  • The dental specialist will place the veneer on your teeth during the subsequent appointment to determine whether or not they are properly fitted and match the shape of your teeth.

Resin Composite Veneers:

  • The composite material is purposefully shaped and adhered by the dental specialist using the best colour shade for you.
  • The composite veneers are solidified or hardened under a particular light to ensure a strong link between them and your teeth.
  • To give you a smile that is naturally white, the composite veneers are cleaned and polished.

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